Hoteza Check-in

A modern and contactless solution for self check-in.

Online registration will help you to make the check-in procedure at the hotel faster, more convenient and safer for the guest. You can register from any device anywhere in the world without downloading third-party applications. The guest chooses a convenient time for registration.

With Hoteza Check-in, the guest will not have to languish in queues at the reception desk and fill out registration cards. The passport data of the guests are processed and sent to the hotel's PMS and migration programs (Elpost, Contour, etc.), having previously been moderated by a hotel employee.

Hoteza online registration allows the hotel to increase its sales figures for additional services. For example, when registering online, the hotel may offer the future guest to upgrade the room category, include breakfast or book a spa procedure in advance. In addition, Hoteza Check-in significantly reduces paper consumption in daily operating activities.

The staff will have more time to communicate with the guest and provide a more personalized service. Hoteza online registration automates manual tasks, freeing staff from routine.

Hoteza Check-in allows you to instantly process the payment for accommodation and additional services, giving the guest all the necessary documents.

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