Digital Signage Hoteza HotSign

Conference hotels are expected to be at the cutting-edge of technology. Today's meetings and events must be cost-efficient while providing attendees with uninterrupted, secure connectivity and on top of that, a unique meeting experience. Hoteza HotSign solutions provide you with beautiful billboards in your entire hotel, showing attractive and engaging content to inform and entertain your guests.

Hoteza HotSign allows you to take advantage of transmitting audiovisual content in real time with little prior investment. All you need is a display screen with an HDMI or DVI socket.

Hoteza HotSign easily integrates with PMS and Room Booking systems, which allows information on upcoming events to be automatically loaded: conferences, seminars etc.

You may publish information and manage content online from any device using the personalized content management system (CMS). The system is based on cloud technology, which allows you to manage content from anywhere in the world. The system’s interface unit is ergonomic, intuitive and comprises a full range of functions: loading of video, images and web content, generation of playlists, transmission time settings etc.

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