Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Requirements for equipping hotel complex safety systems are present in Russian and international regulations, as well as in engineering guidelines and standards of the leading hotel operators.
Closed-circuit television is in charge of complex safety of the building. This is a basic hotel security tool tracking the situation on-site, analyzing what is happening and alerting the operators when they need to respond to potentially dangerous events.
IP-Surveillance system is easily scalable, and limited neither to number of cameras nor to the length of lines of communication. Also, a big advantage is that IP-cameras let you broadcast and record video data in high resolution (HD, FullHD) which makes it possible to recognize faces and other details from a great distance. IP-Surveillance systems are ideally suited for medium and large hotels where the total number of cameras in the system can be up to 300 or more.

SMARTEQ experts are ready to offer advanced video surveillance solutions that meet the latest complex security requirements.

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