Akyan hotel St. Petersburg Saint-Petersburg

Supplied Products:

Year: 2023

The famous Akyan hotel in St. Petersburg has chosen Hoteza interactive solutions for contactless service for its guests.

The Hoteza TV system was already installed in this hotel, but we upgraded it to the PRO package, which allowed guests not only to watch their favorite TV channels, but also to make room orders, request additional services, contact the staff using the guest message function, View your bill for your stay, get up-to-date information, leave reviews, and more.

If the guest is more accustomed to using his own smartphone, then we suggest using our web application, which not only duplicates all the same functions as Hoteza TV, but also allows you to use the phone as a TV remote control. To access the application, just point the phone's camera at the QR code that is placed on the TV screen, enter the room number and your last name.